Snap Table

For the Danish television programme “Danmarks Næste Klassiker”. The brief was to create an outdoor table with an additional function.

Snap table is a unique folding table. It uses elastics and high precision turned aluminium profiles to create a table that is minimalistic when folded out, unique and iconic when folded in and where the action of folding it out is fun and playful. 
The idea came from wanting to fold out a table like you unfold a table cloth. A table where the action of folding it out and in is emphasized – so you actually want to fold it out in front of your guests. When the elastics pull the aluminium profiles together they give a satisfying snap, further more adding to the experience. When folded out, unlike most folding tables, all mechanical parts are hidden inside the legs, which result in a very minimal design in oak and aluminium. When folded in, the table can either be placed like a iconic column or it can be carried like a suitcase